NEW E.P. - 27/03/19


Based in Leyton / Hackney we began as a studio project - two friends aiming to create an album of soaring indie melodies with punk energy, soundscapes, riffs and howling synths. Having finished our record 'Traps' mid 2016 we then decided to try transform into a live act with the ambition of performing as a two piece but to still build in the levels of detail found on the record. Armed with a sampler, a custom built synth rig, a laptop and a whole lot of energy we hit the London circuit in September 2016 - we're now playing live as much as possible (including gigs at The Sebright Arms, 93 Feet East, Water Rats and The Dublin Castle so far...) - the next gig is March 17th 2017 at Proud Camden. Also we're aiming to make the album available over the next few this space!



"....intense power, complexity and raw beauty.  An incredibly well-crafted album, Traps is an ambitious effort with 12 synth-driven tracks, and quite simply a brilliant work of musical art."

Jeff Archuleta / - Click HERE for full review.


".....the freshest, catchiest, and most interesting album I’ve heard so far this year.....The whole album is absolutely thrilling, and is a must have for any music lover. With ups and downs that never climb too high, or dip too low, it is a constant heartbeat in your ears that makes you want to pour a glass of whiskey, or crack open a beer, and dance while destroying something beautiful."

4 A.M. / - Click HERE for article


"The Diomedes are an East London based duo who create an awful lot of noise for a two piece! Their electronically charged Rock, influenced by the likes of Aphex Twin and Deftones, is completely unique!"

Absent Kelly Promotions


"Alt rock with an electro interface and some interesting Aphex Twin style samples running through the sonic soup…It’s not all noise though, this gear has hooks, kinda recall Arcade Fire in places but also nosier coves like At The Drive In"

Bugbear Promotions



The Cooper Temple Clause, Joy Division, Arcade Fire, At The Drive In, Flaming lips, QOTSA, Aphex Twin, REM, Chemical Brothers, Radiohead, Phillip Glass, Muse, New Order, Simon & Garfunkle, Nine Inch Nails / Trent Reznor, The Beatles, David Bowie, Noel Gallagher, BRMC, Mansun, Gorillaz, Blur, DJ Shadow, Bloc Party, White Stripes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Suede, Clint Mansell, Hans Zimmer, Unkle, Deftones, INXS, The Beach Boys, Underworld

Photo by Gareth Lloyd

Mark Champion (vocals, guitars, samples) and David Myers (drums, synths) at the Dublin Castle 26th January 2017 as part of Independent Venue Week.